Nowadays, every man wants to have muscular body and athlete fit body. Their mind has made perception that they do not get perfect match or women if they do not have amazing looks. As today girl love to have a partner who is physically strong and have a muscular body. Moreover, to give their best performance in sports or athlete if they are a sportsperson, they work on their body more. To get the muscular body, they do gym and various muscular strength exercises day and night. Along with that, they use to include protein powder in their diet. But all this stuff take a long time to get the muscular body, hence to get earlier results they used to consume some testosterone formulation as testosterone helps to grow muscle faster. Andriol testosterones are one of such steroidal medication consumed by the men for muscle building and strength.

Andriol Testocaps Capsule, the brand product of Testosterone Undecanoate, is an oral Testosterone development. It is oil-based invention and accessible in the form of gel capsules. The sportsperson for the muscle building consume it nowadays. It enfolds of testosterone, which is chiefly male hormone accountable for the development and preservation of male sexual physiognomies. Thus, it realizes the need of testosterone consumed by the body for muscle building, growth and purpose of the male sexual organs and for secondary male sexual physiognomies. Sometime, women also use it for the muscle expansion.

Testosterone belongs to the class of medications known as androgens i.e. male hormones. This medication usually acts by replacing the testosterone that would be generated by the body. It acts by two different mechanisms in a human body that enfolds of the formation of the androgen receptor (directly or as DHT), and by makeover to estradiol and founding of the certain estrogen receptor.

Andriol liquid filled oral capsules 40mg are usually suggested if patiently is not able to use injectable dosage form, hence he can consume the capsules without any terror of liver damage. The optional dose is 3–4 capsules daily throughout the first 2–3 weeks, in adult's patient Trailed by a regular reduction to 1–3 capsules daily. For the first 2 to 3 weeks of treatment, an everyday dose of 120 mg to 160 mg in two divided doses is compulsory to have.  After that, the measurement of testosterone undecanoate usually ranges from 40 mg to 120 mg daily are required. The capsules need to be swallowing properly with water, with or without food.

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The use of Andriol may notice some side effects comprise of surge in red blood cell count, acne, itching, liver dysfunctioning, muscle pain, breast enlargement, change in sexual drive, yellowish of skin and eyes. Hence, user must have to avoid alcohol and cigarette smoking while having treatment with Andriol. Do not take the anticoagulant medication while taking Andriol for muscle building. If you have history of breast cancer or reproductive illness then do not take Andriol without doctor recommendation.

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