Andrew was not who you call the center of attraction in his class though he always wanted to be one. You wouldn’t tell by his physique that he was the greatest fitness enthusiast you have seen but he was crazy for a great body, it’s just that all the gym that he had done so far didn’t get him even an ounce closer to what he had dreamed for himself. He at times felt bad for himself, he felt he was a misfit as most of the boys in his class were well built, even though he worked as hard as them he was nowhere close to that attractive body he was looking for.

Andrew is not the only one here, there are many and many of us who feel the same way. When we look at our favorite stars be it as a movie star or an athlete or our favorite bodybuilder what draws us instantly towards them is their magnetic personality much of which comes from their physical appearance. To be physically fit and well-built is a trend that has always been there, we do get attracted and admire a person who has a great body, it is what communicates first to us. Unfortunately so, many of us are unable to get that physique even if we have a fine diet and hit the gym often. This means that your body requires more, something that can help it break out the barrier it is in. Andriol testosterone (Testosterone Undecanoate) is one such product that can help you get a body you dreamed about.


Andriol is a massively used preparation of Testosterone Undecanoate which is an androgen hormone of anabolic nature. Andriol is a global brand used by prominent athletes and fitness enthusiasts to upgrade their strength, endurance and to get a well-sculpted physique. This product provides great stamina so that you grind yourself in practice sessions and at the gym so as to reach heights of your physical prowess. This product is safer than most of its counterparts and helps in building a physique that is muscular and ripped. It is also used for a replacement of Testosterone in the treatment of a few cancer types.

Testosterone Undecanoate gets converted in its active metabolite called 5α-dihydrotestosterone (DHT) after its metabolism. The drug is carried inside the cytoplasm of the target cells where it binds to the androgen receptors a forms a DHT-receptor complex which then goes through a structural change and gets inside the nucleus of the cell where couples directly with the nucleotide sequence of the chromosomal DNA that accelerates the transcriptional process thereby producing more protein which assists in bodybuilding and developing endurance.

Andriol is a capsule preparation which is meant to be taken with water. The usual dose a fitness enthusiast should take is 40mg two times a day. Take this drug after taking the morning and evening meals. The dose listed here should not be confused with doctor's prescription.

A few commonly occurring side effects of this medication are skin irritation, sleeplessness, giddiness, headache, acne, mood swings, perplexity and muscle ache.

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Steps to be taken:

  1. 1.    This should not be taken by women until it is indicated by the doctor, even more so in a pregnant or lactating woman as it can lead to birth defects in the baby.
  2. 2.    Stop the consumption of alcohol till you rely on this therapy as that can augment the side effects.
  3. 3.    This drug is habit-forming; do not share it with anyone as there is a chance of misuse which can be disastrous also do not take it in amounts higher than that prescribed by your doctor.  

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