As menstruation is an integral part of women reproductive health care similar abortion is an equally important need for the protection of rights of women reproductive abilities. This is purely a medical based procedure related to the removal of unwanted fetal cells from the women reproductive system under the effect of RU486 abortion pills or in control of surgical sterile instruments in aid of a trained-licensed-approved physician for the purpose in effect of anesthesia.

There are millions of abortions carried by women from the countries in globe per year. The access to the right to decide about abortion gives women an independent choice to when to have kids in the family and ensures her to decide the number of kids she wants in her family to be complete.

Accessing surgical abortion is not as easy as medical because it needs a lot of approval and filling of consent forms. Moreover, it’s a costly process and also not falls in the insurance coverage this makes the medical method of abortion more favorable for women as compared to surgical. The medical method gives a woman a complete choice to decide when and where to make abortion without letting anybody know about the fact that she has gone for it. This is a cheap pill and induces a natural vaginal bleeding like menstruation for some days thus evacuate the unwanted blob of cells out your uterus feasibly.

Mechanism: RU486 is the acclaimed brand to Abortion pill that works easy over the women reproductive system to detach the unwanted embryo cells from the endothelial lining of the uterine by loosening the contact through the wall which occurs in women due to inhibition of the pregnancy essential Progesterone hormone. Inhibition of this hormonal supply to eth women body will induce degradation to the women internal lining to which fetus cells attaches to attaining nutrition, oxygen, and blood. Hence, shattering of essential supply turns the viable fetal contents in no more but a dead tissue which gets flushed out from the women through vaginal bleeding.

Dosing: Woman prescribed to dosing of RU486 abortion pills has to take the pill only on the empty stomach with a glass of water without chewing, crushing or breaking the pills. Take all active moiety of dosing strength 200mg RU486 together and within few hours you will get a bleeding from the vagina.

Side effects: Taking up RU486 pills causes an intense bleeding from the vagina with abdominal cramps, backache, fastening of breath, restlessness, dizziness, and irritation.

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Safety measures: Women on taking up RU486 pills have to follow some cautionary measures like avoiding the meals that are had to digest and beverages that aggravate the effect of medications such as alcohol and caffeine. Keep yourself out of intimacy and any strenuous activities. Don’t forget to take out the IUD from the vaginal opening and an important caution is to avoid the medicine if the pregnancy you holding is ectopic.

Warning: Later 2 days of taking the RU486 dosing visit the clinic to confirm that nothing of fetal debris has left in the uterine cavity. If present then you have to put 2 pills of Misoprostol deep in your vaginal cavity to complete abortion.

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