It is very much known that every person has some worry, stress, nervousness, or anxiety at some point in life. These temporary reactions generally fade and go away after the situation has finished but for some people, the reactions remain for longer than expected on regular basis. This is referred as anxiety disorder when the normal level of anxiousness exceeds and the person starts to feel excessive worry, have sleeping issues, irrational fears, muscle tension, flashbacks, panic attacks, fussy and obsessive mind and some other related concerns. This affects the daily living that requires medical attention of Ativan regimen, which helps to manage this excessive level and maintains it to the normal intensity.

Description of Ativan:

Ativan (Lorazepam) 2mg tablet are a widely prescribed oral formulation for the treatment of anxiety disorder in patients. Thus, patients suffering from excessive agitation or anxiousness during anxiety disorder are given the Ativan regimen for calming and relaxing responses. Ativan is a remarkable brand for generic Lorazepam, which belongs to the drug category of benzodiazepines. Since benzodiazepine acts on the nerves and brain cells for producing sedative and relaxing action, so Ativan acts on increasing the amount the of GABA neurotransmitter in the brain for balancing the imbalanced chemicals in order to manage and tranquil the anxious state of mind.

The dosing regimen of Ativan:

Ativan 2mg is the most recommended dosage formulation that is prescribed to anxiety patients for the treatment depending on their conditions. Ativan dose is given orally with or without having the food. The general advised dosing schedule for the treatment of anxiety disorder in adult patients is 1-6mg daily given in 2-3divided doses. The largest dose of the day is given during night and the dose of 10mg is the maximum dose that can be taken in a day. Hence, you should never overdose the Ativan medication else, the risk of drug dependency can happen in the users. Equally, the sudden discontinuation of Ativan medication is also not advised as this can lead to withdrawal symptoms in the patients.

Some adverse effects are observed during the use of Ativan regimen but are not necessarily in every patient that may include dizziness, confusion, headache, drowsiness, nausea, weakness, blurred vision, or unsteadiness.


Thus, the following users are not suggested to take Ativan-

1.    Ativan is cautious to be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

2.    It is contradictory for children and geriatric people to take Ativan medicine.

3.    If you are suspected of any other medical condition of respiration, liver, kidney, ophthalmic, heart, or bleeding disorder then do not use Ativan.

4.    Patients using any other medication should not take Ativan without consulting the physician.

5.    Patients with suicidal thought and drug or alcohol abuse history are suggested not to take Ativan.

The following precautionary measures must be followed while using Ativan-

1.    Avoid driving and any other such activity that require consciousness after using Ativan because of dizziness effects of the drug.

2.    Alcohol consumption should be avoided else, the interaction can lead to aggravation of adverse effects and worsen your condition.

3.    Patients relying on Ativan regimen should be monitored for any signs and symptoms of change in behavior, mood, or thoughts.

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