Depressive feeling eats up you from deep inside. It behaves like a monster that controls you in whole. There is a feeling of loneliness and you would prefer isolation always. Everything that you are been told seems to be an as bad thing. You will become your own enemy. Sleeping was the only option what you see best as it would help you block all worst thoughts in your mind. Living had turned out to be a night mare. In night time, those voices get louder and louder. Sometimes sleeping would be an issue. You will feel like less Motivated and highly burdened. The scariest part of treating this disorder is that only you can help yourself, no other can help you in this part. This is a feeling like a roller coaster once you are right and once you become depressed. You should not feel guilty of what you are going through. What you will derive at the end that happiness should be on priority. It is your happy feeling what matters the most. Any ailment causing you unhappy should be rid off. Best opinion to get relieved from depression is by using Valdoxan. This medicine will help you improve your depression issue easily.

Valdoxan (Agomelatine) medicine belongs to anti-depressant class and is known to prevent and treat the depressive problem. This medicine is supposed to work in a different way so as to prevent depressive action.

Some mechanics by which this drug helps are as:

It mimics the activity of melatonin inside the brain. This hormone works in controlling circadian rhythm and thus induces sleep pattern. It resynchronizes body’s circadian rhythm such as mood, anxiety, body temperature, and appetite. The main role is to improve the quality of sleep as well as prove anti-depressive activity. 

It also elevates mood in depressive patients by leveling adrenaline and dopamine therefore regulating mood.

This does not work in second; it takes time and thus balances the chemical changes and makes you feel instantly happy.

How to use the dose and what is the dosing pattern?

The normal dose is 1 pill 25 mg within a day and uses it at bed time. When signs do not get corrected then in about 2 weeks after using this pill the increase the dose to about 2 pills (25 mg two pills) every day and use it at night time. One can either use it with or without meals.


  1. 1.       This should not be used in people above 75 years and in children less than 18 years.
  2. 2.       This should not be used in people with any hepatic disorder.
  3. 3.       This should not be used in people having high allergic reactions.
  4. 4.       This should not be used in people who are using potent CYP1A2 inhibitors.

Safety precautions that need to be followed:

  1. 1.       There may be sleepy feeling and dizziness so avoid driving or machine operation.
  2. 2.       You are recommended not to booze as this might affect your drug activity.
  3. 3.       You should perform blood tests frequently.
  4. 4.       Those people having a history of bipolar disorder, kidney disorder, diabetes, mania, should tell the doctor about this.
  5. 5.       Prior to use in pregnancy or lactating mothers, ask your doctor.

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Possible aftereffects observed with this are as dizziness, insomnia, sick feeling, weight gain, abnormal dreams, anxiety, back pain, constipation, and tired feeling.

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