Did you dream of chiseled abs? Did you want to get bulging biceps? Do you desire of ripped physique? Do you think that you will have many girlfriends after building body? Are you spending so much of money in food supplements, gym, and proteins?

If your answer is “yes”, then read this article completely to get all information about “muscle building” and the right drug for it. In today’s world, bodybuilding has become a very popular process and it can be easily seen by doubling numbers of followers. For some men getting the big muscles is a point of relief: they want to be the first one in terms of powerful muscles and increasing the shoulder width, forcing their body for bodybuilding process. These men get relief by doing training for long lasting hours. During this time, they do different exercises and lift up the weight. It has become the craze of today’s men to be first one in the face of bodybuilding.  These training programs include different exercises in the different gym and lifting the heavyweights.

 If you wish to get glossy tanned skin then you need to take Andriol definitely. This drug helps in constructing your body in a manner you want. In additions, you need to focus on your diet and exercise. It helps in making the muscles more muscular and strong so that everyone can admire your brawny physique.  After using this drug successfully you will be successful in getting muscles as the famous bodybuilders. Andriol is placed in the group of medicines namely androgens that are male hormones. Generic substitute present in Andriol is Testosterone Undecanoate 40mg that is an artificial form of naturally producing Testosterone.  This is the reason; it is also used to replace testosterone in men who have low levels of testosterone in the body. This medicine is also used for performance enhancement by athletes.

Mechanism of Testosterone Undecanoate involves 5 steps:

1.  Increased protein synthesis: Protein is the primary important requirement for building the body by enhancing the rate of cells by Testosterone; it helps in building the protein that promotes the muscle growth, recovery and strength.

2.  Increase retention of nitrogen: Testosterone promotes the anabolic atmosphere in the body that increases the levels of nitrogen in the body.

3.  Increase Red blood cell count: Testosterone by increasing the red blood cell promotes the enhanced muscular endurance that can lead to a positive recovery and growth.

4.  Increase IGF-1 output: Testosterone recovers and rejuvenates the body by increasing growth factor 1 that further helps in muscle building process.

5.  Blockage of glucocorticoid hormones: This hormone is commonly termed as stress hormones that work on destroying the muscle tissue by promoting the fat gain. By inhibiting these hormones Testosterone helps in the muscle building process.

Andriol is supposed to be taken via oral route with one glass of water. For treating low level of testosterone in the body Andriol is supposed to be taken in dosing of 120-160mg on daily basis. These dosing needs to be continued for 2 to 4 weeks then testosterone levels will be reexamined. Then maintenance dosing will be 40-120 mg daily. For performance enhances, Andriol needs to be taken in a dose of 120-160mg daily. For true performance boost up, take Andriol 500 mg in a day. The lowest dose of Andriol is 320 mg per day.

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Andriol may cause some of the side effects of greasy skin, hair loss, seasickness, sickness, changing the skin color, improve or reduction sensual interest, headache, vigilance, and acne.

Important safety information:

  • If you are sensitive to any component of Andriol then you need not take it as it may cause sensitive reactions.
  • Andriol may slightly change your blood sugar levels to be under doctor’s guidance.

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