A big lie that you said to yourself daily:

You think you are a very handsome man, you always wear a black leather jacket that seems very loose from your shoulders, arms, and chest. In your terms, you walk like a superhero and every girl loves to talk to you. In your altitude, you even do not like too many persons near you.

The real fact:

Reality comes in front of you when you proposed a girl whom you supposed that she likes you. Her replied shocked you" I always talk to you because I think you as my brother".

When you told her that you are a very smart hunk, what is the problem in becoming your girlfriend, she replied: " You are living an imagination, the reality is you are a black, slender like skull boy. She also told you that no girl wants to talk to you but they talk because they suppose you as a brother."

In Mirror:

One time, two times....fifth time, when you see yourself, you realized that girl is right because you look like a thin boy whose clothes even does not fit him. You cried and cried and then your eyes stop at a movie poster, where the actor has a very charming body.

A big change:

The first step you have done to join a gym, then as per instruction, you start using Andriol Testocaps 40mg. Afterward, you get a brawny physique that can drag anyone's attention.


Andriol is proven androgen hormone used to give strength and mass to muscles. It helps an individual to achieve the desired physique by building his body. Apart from this benefit, the use of this drug is to give testosterone hormone in men when his body becomes unable to produce it in sufficient amount that can cause many diseases. In women, the use of Androil is to manage certain types of cancers. The important generic medicine present in Androil is Testosterone Undecanoate.

The working of Testosterone Undecanoate involves two steps: the first one is to activate androgen receptor(directly or as DHT) and by changing to Estradiol. This stimulates certain estrogen receptors. Free testosterone in the body is transmitted into the cytoplasm of goal tissue cells. At that point, it gets connected to androgen receptor or can be transformed into 5α-dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by a 5α-reductase enzyme.  DHT combines up with androgen receptor and this DHT-receptor complex reaches through structural change. This allows it to get enter in the cell nucleus and combine up directly to the exact nucleotide chain of the chromosomal DNA. In this way, it changes the transcriptional action of certain genes resulting in the androgenic effects.

Andriol is available at our website in form of capsule dosage form. It needs to be taken via mouth with an abundance of water. A person needs to start with dosing of Andriol 120-160mg daily for 2-4 weeks that needs to repeated by the maintenance dosing of 40mg to 120mg daily or take it as told by your doctor.

Common risky measures of Andriol are a headache, loss of hairs, pimples outburst, discoloration or change in skin color, sickness, alteration in the sensual urge.

Precautionary measures of Andriol:

1)      If any person is allergic to any compound of Andriol, then there is no need to take this medicine as it may cause unwanted risky effects.

2)      Never take Andriol if you are dealing with renal or hepatic impairment, blood clots, prostate problems, heart problems, high cholesterol levels or difficulty in inhalation.

3)      While being on Androil you cannot tobacco, smoke alcohol booze, and recreational drugs.