Low libido, lesser muscle mass, and depression are the few signs that cause muscle problems. As we know that Testosterone is the main hormone that keeps us fit and in proper shape. Boys get complex when they have a lean and thin body. Some of the physically thin boys are taken the fun of. To make a way out of this mockery, such boys spend lots of money on useless products. Without searching much what will be best for their body, they use a different brand of products.

We are here to make you aware how to have a perfect body shape. Before you try any product, you should know the underlying cause of your low mass. If your body is lean due to your low testosterone level then you should try product ANDRIOL TESTOCAPS (TESTOSTERONE UNDECANOATE) 40 MG. This product will be useful in balancing the level of hormones inside your body and with its proper dosing scheme; you will be able to gain muscular body and shape.  

Andriol has Testosterone that belongs to an androgen class of medication. This drug is known to replace Testosterone among males that have a poor level of this hormone. Testosterone is the natural hormone that is released inside your body and helps in developing male sensual characteristics. It also helps in bodybuilding. Testosterone is helpful for normal growth and development of the body. It is used in case of lack of testosterone in males in whom there occur various health-related problems.

This is given as replacement therapy among males who have lack of testosterone in their body. Testosterone is the principal hormone inside the body that causes the activation of androgen receptors and they get converted to 5alpha-dihydrotestosterone with the help of enzyme 5alpha-reductase.

Dose and How to administer Andriol:

Andriol doses are recommended in the range between 120-160 mg within per day in two divided doses for about starting two to three weeks. After this, the dose ranges in between 40-120 mg every day. To enhance performance and physique, one should use minimal dose as 250 mg within per day. Experienced users require more dosages.

When you skip the dose then use it as soon you remember. If skipped then start from next dosing. Do not double the dose to cope the missed dose.


Never use if:

1.    You have a severe renal failure

2.    You have any allergic reactions towards this component

3.    You have a tumor of prostrate or breast


1.    Limit the use in elder patients above 65 years.

2.    Not recommended for children above 18 years.

3.    Not recommended for lactating women and pregnant women.

4.    Have regular blood check-up.

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Some undesirable effects that are mostly observed with this treatment are as abdominal pain, breast tenderness, change in sensual desire, acne, confusion, dizziness, loss of appetite, mood change, skin rashes, enlarged prostate, sleep disturbance, weight gain, and hair loss.

Ensure proper storage of this pack. Do not freeze it but keep it away from small children reach.

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