Being ambitious for achieving something takes you one step forward towards your goal. However getting completely lost for it causes depression. When you dreamt for something with open eyes and give all of your efforts to make it– your whole time, hard work, full efforts, lost in all aspects of a dream–this makes you somewhat worried whether it gets fulfilled or not. Your tensions increase so much at some level that you don’t realize what is wrong or right and negative thoughts related to that particular dream keep haunting you. Suppose it is related to get a job for which you are preparing from a year by devoting the whole of your time, your values into it. You did not go to a party, not meet with someone socially, there happens you miss your one or two-time meal daily for studies. Finally, an entrance exam, you failed in performing well in it leading to failure of all expectations and dreams.

There are so many situations that take you to the depression state, such as ambitious towards love, towards a career or to have high-class status or to have expensive luxuries in the life. Having a passion for filling this ambition is good and is important for the best life; however, the depressive state only causes a failure in life that is not at all tolerable. It makes you get shaken up, disappears of self-worth, confidence less, lost in somewhere else, and feels defeated in your dreams.

For a brighter and a happy life, it is important that you come out from the depressive state by using Valdoxan 25 mg medication This medicine is prescribed for the treatment of depression and other symptoms of depression such as gloominess, guilt, loss of interest or pleasure in activities, sadness, guilt, sadness, excessive sleepiness, early awakening, restless sleep, and social isolation. By taking this medicine you return back to your normal life and did not remain depressed anymore. Agomelatine is the active generic constituent that blocks the reuptake of 5FHT-2/Serotonin neurotransmitter at the synaptic junction. In this way, it is responsible for causing a smooth cycle of sleeping and waking by acting agonistic to melatonin receptor. By this way, it maintains the rhythmic cycle of sleep and wakes up and takes you out from depression state.

Valdoxan is suggested in a dose of 25mg that needs to be taken once a day for managing the anxiousness and depressive symptoms. For treating the chronic phase of depression, it is suggested to take Valdoxan 25mg twice times a day as recommended by the doctor. This medicine needs to be taken by oral route only with one glass of water. However, it may possibly cause some of the negative effects such as sleep apnea, sweltering, diarrhea, nausea; blur vision, abdominal discomfort, lethargy, and pain in the body. 

There are some cautious measures while taking Valdoxan such as Users of Valdoxan medicine may face some suicidal thoughts so it is important to tell your doctor about your mental state. Avoid the use of this medicine in case of pregnancy as it may affect the unborn baby.

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