Depression is the persistent feelings of intense sadness, hopelessness, negativity, restlessness, and worthlessness. These feelings may cause a depressed individual to face the loss of sensual appetite, insomnia or oversleeping, low body’s energy level, digestive disorders, chronic pains, lack of cognitive or concentrating abilities, and suicidal thoughts and attempts. An individual who is experiencing depression can definitely start losing his self-confidence and his sense of worth that further make him worried about the approval of the people. Many people with depression like to just stay in their rooms and brood over their sadness and hopelessness that causes them to feel troubles in connecting to other people. The ongoing episodes of depression bring negative outcomes in the people’s lives, as they do not know how to manage to get damaging responses from people around them. Being social may sound like an intimidating task when you are feeling depressed, but you can achieve this by managing your depression with Valdoxan.

Valdoxan (Agomelatine) 25mg tablet is a most reliable and safest anti-depressant remedy extensively employed in the management of ongoing major depressive disorders. This medicine brings immediate respite from the signs and symptoms of depression including intense sadness, hopelessness, negativity, restlessness, and worthlessness. The improvement in the mood, desire for food, sleep pattern and body’s energy level by using this medicine can help people to enjoy their social as well as personal life. Agomelatine is a chief counteractive component of Valdoxan.

Agomelatine exhibits an opposing effect on serotonin-2C receptors and combative effects at the melatonin receptors. The working of melatonin receptors is promoted by Agomelatine causes melatonin to exhibits its remedial effects to improve sleep routine. Agomelatine also augments the liberation of noradrenaline and dopamine, mainly in the frontal cortex that brings instantaneous freedom from the depressed mood.

Commercially, Valdoxan tablet is obtainable in dosing strength of 25mg. A person with major depressive episodes should devour a solo Valdoxan 25mg tablet orally once a day at bedtime, with an adequate quantity of water. In case of severe depression, devour two Valdoxan 25mg tablets orally once a day at bedtime, with a satisfactory amount of water. One should devour Valdoxan tablet orally as a whole without breaking or crushing it.

The utilization of Valdoxan medicine may produce a few annoying effects in some depressed patients such as a headache, nausea, diarrhea, somnolence, sleeplessness, migraine, back trouble, overtiredness, constipation, stomachache, extreme sweating and unevenness.

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Expert Advice:

You should devour alcohol or sedative medications while relying on the treatment of Valdoxan medicine. Do not allow anyone 18 years or above 75 years of age to utilize this medicine. You should go through liver checkup on a regular basis while relying on the treatment of Valdoxan. You should consult a doctor prior to using Valdoxan if you are pregnant or lactating your child. Do not smoke cigarettes while using Valdoxan medicine, or else, you are not benefited by its treatment.

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