Hypothyroidism is the condition of the underactive thyroid gland and its inability of not making enough thyroid hormone for the body. Thyroid gland lies in front but is located in a bit lower part of the neck and the hormones released by this gland affect almost every part of your body – Heart, brain, muscles, skin. The thyroid gland plays an efficient role in regulating metabolism that is the process of energy consumption by the cells from the food. Metabolism is the activity that affects and regulates not only the body temperature, heartbeat but also affects the process of energy consumption.

A body lacking enough amount of thyroid hormone gets sluggish due to poor storage of energy in the body and slow down metabolism. Another type of disorders that leads to the pathetic condition of hypothyroidism includes aftereffect of certain prescription medications over the body, any disease in the pituitary gland, iodine deficit. Specific autoimmune disorders may also lead to the condition of Hypothyroidism in patients.

The condition of Hypothyroidism is getting common nowadays and you detect this case by the aid of a blood test. Certain symptoms via you can identify the risks of hypothyroidism includes higher levels of cholesterol, depression, sadness, lethargy in the body, enhanced hair fall, memory loss, dry skin & excessive constipation. Synthroid is the tablet consisting Levothyroxine of the active ingredient and the manner via medicine induces its effect on the patient in reducing the symptoms of low thyroid hormone. This medication may take several weeks to exhibit the noticeable effect in the patient.

Synthroid enfolding active constituent levothyroxine works as best hormone replacement therapy given to the patient when the body’s natural ability to synthesize thyroid hormone declines or diminishes. Synthroid is the medicine that treats hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone) condition in patients and prevents the other crucial conditions of thyroid gland such as goiter.

Patient has to take only one dose of Synthroid medicine for one time in a day on an empty stomach or in an hour before having the breakfast. Dosing strengths in which Synthroid tablets are available are 25µG, 50µG, 75µG, 100µG, 200µG, and 300µG.

Adverse effects medicine Synthroid might develop in the patients are exhaustion, increased appetite, weight loss, intolerance to heat, fever, sweating, weakness, muscle pain and weakness.


Cautionary indications need to be followed with medication Synthroid are as follows:

1.     Don’t use this medicine as infertility treatment unless you’re suffering from condition of hypothyroidism

2.     Patients with potent signs of CVS disorder must avoid this medicine

3.     With medications, Synthroid can interact, take them after maintaining the gap of one hour

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