Whenever you go anywhere it is your body that is observed. A person with tall height, well physique is praised by all. He becomes the role icon and girls get mostly attracted towards those boys only who have muscular shape. There are some boys who have lack of testosterone and that is the reason they have a poor body shape. No man wants to hear a comment from other person about his lean body.

Boys having lean body shape are ridiculed and made fun of and this causes depression among them. To avoid the poor amount of Testosterone level, one should use Andriol Testocaps Capsules. This medicine helps you out in increasing the level of Testosterone. This is a male hormone that works in gaining muscles and a man like feature. This medicine has positive effects on work outs, recovery, and libido. Once you start with this dose, you will observe its effects within few weeks of its usage. Remember that it is your muscles that will give you a manly look.

Andriol: This medicine is known to be composed of Testosterone that belongs to androgen family. This medication is used in those males who have poor Testosterone. Those who have insufficient testosterone have problems in getting an erection and observe an erectile dysfunctional problem. In some people body is unable to release enough of testosterone so Andriol can be externally given to balance up the level.

This medicinal dose should be adjusted as per the response of the person who is using this medication. For first 2-3 weeks, the daily dosages of 120 mg-160 mg should be used in divided doses. After this, the dose ranges in between 40-120 mg in divided doses that too should be taken every day. You need to use this with meals and swallow as a whole. Do not double the dose to cover the skipped dose.

When you forget the dose then take it as soon you remember or if next dose is near by then start from that.

Contraindications that needed to be followed while using this medicine:

  1. 1.       You ought not to have it in severe allergic reactions towards its ingredients.
  2. 2.       You ought not to have it in women who are pregnant or lactating.
  3. 3.       You ought not to have it in people who are suspected with prostate cancer or breast cancer.
  4. 4.       You ought not to have it when you have a severe form of the renal disorder.

Safety precautionary tips:

  1. 1.       Cease this medicine when you develop jaundice.
  2. 2.       Use wisely in elder patients.
  3. 3.       Use carefully in children.

Drugs that might interact with this medicine are as:

  1. 1.       Adrenocorticotropic hormone
  2. 2.       Corticosteroids, Cyclosporine
  3. 3.       Propranolol, Warfarin
  4. 4.       Diabetic medicine such as insulin

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Some common harmful issues observed with this are as weight gain, aggressive behavior, abdominal pain, acne, dizziness, mood change, alteration in your sensual desire, headache, thinning hair, sore throat, enlarged prostate, sleep disturbance, and unpleasant breath odor.

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