You have always been a skinny guy who was the subject of amusement for many people. People gave you so many names like a stick figure, hanger and what not, which only commented on how thin you were. You ignored it as much as you could but after a certain point, it became unbearable. It was as if wherever you went, pictures of these big muscled guys were following you. Every time you opened your Instagram feed a picture of some hunky muscular guy would pop up making you jealous than ever before. This is not just your case but the story of every guy who faces a tough time gaining muscles.

Some people consider losing weight is the hardest task to accomplish but gaining weight and muscles can be an equally difficult mission. Men spend a major portion of their time dedicated to eating right and spend a major chunk of their time in gyms sweating their heart out but very few men get what they aimed for. Others just crib that they are not getting what they are working for. For such men who are facing difficulty in gaining muscles and stamina an astounding solution called ANDRIOL TESTOSTERONE 40MG CAPSULE is here, which will help you improve your stamina and gain muscles.

Andriol testosterone is a pioneering remedy for men who are looking for an effective method to gain muscle. This medication is extensively used by the men who are looking out for gaining mass and building up the stamina and enhancing their performance capacity. This is an anabolic steroid that performs a dual function as it can be used for medical conditions or muscle wasting conditions such as AIDS where a person needs to gain muscles and weight. Testosterone undecanoate is the main component responsible for its functioning. This compound sticks to the androgen receptors and alters the gene expression. This magnifies the development of proteins in the body and also enhances the activity of IGF (insulin growth factor) that results in the renovation of cells and increases the stamina.   

Andriol testosterone tablet is commercially available in the doing strength of 40mg. For enhancing the muscle mass a dose of 200-250mg is recommended to be taken in a day for a full cycle of 2-3 weeks. For improving the performance capacity and boosting up your stamina, a dose of 120-160mg is adequate, if taken once every day for a period of 2 weeks. For men who are facing low testosterone levels aka hypogonadism should take 120-160mg of this medication for 2 weeks. Do not take a dose higher than suggested. In the case of overdose, look out for medical assistance immediately.

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Adverse effects seen with the use of Andriol testosterone are exhaustion, acne, dizziness, headache, queasiness, vomiting, virilization and violent behavior.

Precautionary measures taken with the use of Andriol testosterone are

  1. 1.      Stay away from the consumption of sedatives such as alcohol while using this medication.
  2. 2.      Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while using this medicament.
  3. 3.      Do not use any other anabolic steroid concomitantly with Andriol testosterone.
  4. 4.      This medication is not meant to be used by women, children and geriatric patients.
  5. 5.      Anyone below the age of 18 years should keep away from this medicament.

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