The experience of apprehension disorder has become common and universal. It is an emotion that cannot be restricted to any person; it can come by itself when something wrong happened to anyone. Where ever you go it will follow you and it is an inescapable part of the human condition from the international to national and government to domestic to a private one that is followed by perplexity, and uncertainty. Many people may deny the fact that they are dealing with extreme nervousness for many reasons like: avoid getting embarrassed, fear of rejection, the feel of pride, the danger of uneasiness and much more. It is the truth that anxiety can disturb any one’s life and its presence is a continuance.

Anxiety adds up struggle, trouble, and suffering in a person’s life that makes hard to live. Unwanted apprehension is a mental problem that defines itself in worry, apprehension, irritation or uneasiness. This mental problem is a result of uncertainty about future or upcoming events or failing in controlling the state of affairs. Apprehension is completely natural response of human beings that it comes in at a low level then it helps in survive and to live comfortably. It is a continuance reminder of human kind’s terrible weakness and its importance changes the destiny. However, it is not Ok when anxiety becomes extreme and makes a person’s life worst.

The uneasy feeling of apprehension can easily be treated by the use of Ativan 2mg tablets. This medicine makes you free from the unpleasant tension, restlessness and makes you relax so that you can effectively do your daily works in a normal state. Within a short duration of starting treatment, you will see a drastic change of calmness from the distressing feeling of apprehension. The basic key component responsible for the action of Ativan is Lorazepam.

The mechanism of action of Lorazepam starts by its attachment to GABA-A receptors, that are pentameric ionotropic receptors present in the central nervous system. Its attachment increases the effects of the blocking neurotransmitter GABA that after binding unlocks the chloride channel in the receptor and leads to hyperpolarization of the neurons. It is basically working on making unbalanced chemicals balanced.

Ativan is advised to take via oral route with an abundance of water. Consult your doctor to know the frequency and duration of taking medicine as it will depend on the patient response. Ativan is easily available in dosing strengths of 0.5 mg, 1 mg and 2 mg in tablet preparation. The usually advised doses of Ativan is 2 to 6 mg on daily basis given in separate dosing but the highest suggested dose taken before going to bed may change from 1 to 10 mg per day. For anxious people, most patients need a minimum dose of 2 to 3 mg in twice or thrice daily.

Some of the persons have reported the malicious effects of Ativan like dizziness, tiredness, blurred vision, sleeping problems, nausea, vomiting and skin rash.

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  1. 1.    Ativan may become your habit so never take this in higher dose or longer duration than prescribed.
  2. 2.    It is advised to take Ativan for short duration otherwise it may cause drug withdrawal symptoms.
  3. 3.    Take advice from your doctor if you find that Ativan stopped working for you or causing severe side effects.