Everyone gets depressed or worried from time to time–When talking in public, or when you are financially unstable. But for some, anxiety problem becomes so common or affecting that starts taking the lives.  How would you tell others about your apprehension disorder that this problem has crossed all the limits? It’s not easy to tell others right. Anxiety enters in different forms– like a phobia, panic attacks, and social anxiety disorder and it is not “normal”. Generalized Anxiety disorder (GAD)––The biggest type of depression disorder–it is too much worry about everything even smaller and more smaller thing. It is “too much”. In GAD, thoughts of continuous nervousness continuously keep running in the mind all days even months. It becomes so bad that it starts affecting daily life and is followed by observable symptoms of tiredness and uneasiness. The difference between apprehension disorder and normal tension is that normal anxiousness becomes severe if it starts happening on regular basis.

Trouble In falling asleep and keep sleeping may cause various health conditions, both physically as well as mentally. And of course, it is different from the tension before a big speech or job interview. In a serious depressive disorder, you continually lying awake, agitated, worried– about some problems like money and other small tensions. Half of the people face depression episodes that may disturb their sleeping habits.

Valdoxan 25mg tablet is a very famous medicine for depression, anxiety disorder and panic disorder. It is a very famous anti-depressant drug that instantly makes your mood happy and relaxes. After taking it you take a good sleep and overcome all the difficulties happening due to depression. The feelings of dimness, irritation, frustration, blank mood, and immense sadness can be easily treated by the use of this medicine. The generic medicine present in Valdoxan is Agomelatine that is FDA approved.

Agomelatine is classified as a melatonin receptor agonist that mainly has an antagonistic effect on serotonin-2C receptors. It also has an agonistic action on melatonin receptors. It reduces the working of melatonin that improves the body’s day-to-day pace. It is also responsible for discharging noradrenaline and dopamine that goes to the cortex. This enhances the levels of noradrenaline and dopamine in the brain that causes an instant recovery in the mood of the unhappy person.

Valdoxan comes in dosing strength of 25 mg that needs to be taken orally. For overcoming the depression issue, this medicine needs to be taken via the oral route. Take one tablet, once a day before sleeping with a colossal amount of water. For overcoming severe depressive episodes, take Valdoxan 25mg tablets via the mouth, one time in a day.

Some of the depressive patients have faced some side effects after taking Valdoxan like wooziness, belly ache, migraine, painful back, vomiting, illness, diarrhea, exhaustion, constipation, and sleeping trouble.


Valdoxan is a habit-forming medicine so never misuse it or advice to anyone else. If a person is sensitive to any compound of it then it is recommended to never use it as it may lead to unwanted side effects.

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