Many of us take the liberty to use occasions such as New Year’s Eve for our transformation. Many of us vow to get a better and a healthy body and many ends up looking the same the next year as well. Some end up changing their hairstyle and some get heavier but only a few get what they exactly wanted. Today, the social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram etc. has made the world a smaller place and you can actually see many people posting their pics of really impressive transformations.

So what separates the two? Well, it’s not age, education, gender or economic background; it’s doing it systematically and getting it right. There is a whole lot of discipline and some other stuff that is required to look like an amazing ball. It’s about consistency, passion and good food, but we know a bit more is required, you can certainly a fit physique if you are looking for that but to look amazing, to look shredded and massive at the same time, you need a bit extra. Diet and exercise is definitely the key, but it’s your motivation and the idea of an ideal physique that helps to get you there. Many of us what’s being talked about here, we are talking about the infamous and yet widely used steroids. There are many and many amongst us who have got in the desired shape due to this thing and have reached newer heights of excellence and bodybuilding. Below, we discuss one such steroid.

Andriol Testocaps 40Mg has Testosterone Undecanoate as its active pharma compound which is an anabolic androgen hormone. We all know Testosterone is a male hormone which is required for instating the male characteristics and it also helps your body to grow. This product is used by several athletes and fitness enthusiasts to get to a distinct and amazing shape and to enhance the athletic performance to remarkable extents. It is used by people to accelerate the muscle gain and to add strength to their body. This product however has other important uses as well; it is also used as Testosterone replacement therapy in people who are short on this hormone. It is also used in women for specific indications of treatment of certain types of cancer.

Testosterone Undecanoate gets converted in its active metabolite called 5α-dihydrotestosterone (DHT), and gets inside the cytoplasm of the target tissue cells, the conversion is done by an enzyme called 5α-reductase enzyme. DHT after binding with the specific androgen receptors forms a DHT-receptor complex which after going through a structural change, enters the cell nucleus and binds directly to the exact nucleotide sequence of the chromosomal DNA and accelerates the transcriptional process thus producing extra protein.

Andriol is commercially obtainable as a capsule formulation. The recommended dose for starting the regimen is 40mg taken twice a day after having your morning and evening meals. The dose presented here is in no way to be taken as an alternative to doctor's prescription.

Some side effects that may affect a few people are acne, insomnia, giddiness, skin irritation, mood swings, headache, perplexity and muscle ache.

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Precautions to be taken care of:

1.    Do not drink alcohol for as long as you are relying on this drug, that can enhance the side effects and can lead to various disturbances.

2.    Women should not take this drug unless suggested by a professional especially if they are pregnant or lactating.

3.    Take this product exactly as prescribed by the doctor, do not take this for a longer period or in higher doses.

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