There are three stages that you have to go through, when depression demon possesses you. You must understand what you are been through, you must need professional help, and you must know how to deal with it. Passing these stages are the toughest one, and each one being challenging than other. Everyone has their days of depression and feeling blues. The feelings that are linked to depression are sadness, guilt, anger, worthlessness, and emptiness. You can even think to harm yourself and putting your life risky.

Anything can be a trigger of depression. It can be a broken heart, and an ailment. These thing troll you and disorients your emotions. You are not alone, you have the strength to fight back with depression. It is important to let go depressive thoughts sometimes. You may be living with an erupting volcano inside. The journey to heal yourself may be tiring but not impossible. With medication Valdoxan (Agomelatine) 25mg and with physical therapy you can come through your ailment. This medicine will rid you from your depression and makes you calm and peaceful.    

Use of Valdoxan

This medicine is meant to treat depressive disorder among adults. This has generic AGOMELATINE. It belongs to atypical antidepressant and is much effective for alleviating depression. This helps in many aspects of depression such as lessens cortisol, restores normal circadian rhythm, improves BDNF, improve sleep quality, and lessens brain inflammation. It balances sleep/wake cycle and also mood, anxiety, body temperature, and appetite.

Working of Valdoxan

This works in a different way like other antidepressants. This mimics the action of melatonin inside your brain. Melatonin is the hormone that is released via pineal glands This is produced soon after darkness begins. This promotes circadian rhythm and induces sleep. It keeps your mood good by increasing adrenaline and dopamine.

Dosing criteria for this medicine

The recommended dose of this medicine is single pill each 25 mg every day that to be taken at night time. When signs do not get corrected in about 2 week time then raise the dose to 2 tablets used at a time at night time. It can be used either with or without meals.

Missed dose: When you forget using the dose then use the next dose normally at bed time. Do not use a double dose to cope the missed dose.

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 This treatment should be continued for about 6 month time.    

When you should not use this medicine Valdoxan:

1)      If you have hepatic impairment

2)      If you are using Fluvoxamine

3)      If you have allergies to its component

4)      Children less than 18 years of age

5)      Elders with dementia

6)      Patients aging more than 75 years

Safety precautions that should be followed while using this medicine:

1)      Prevent drinking of alcohol as those causes sick effects.

2)      Do have blood tests to check your hepatic functionality.

3)      You might have a sleepy or dizzy feeling so avoid work that needs vigil.

4)      People with obesity, diabetes, renal disorder, bipolar disorder should use it carefully.

5)      Before using in pregnancy or lactating mothers ask your doctor.

Some after effects mostly seen are as insomnia, sick feeling, vomiting, abnormal dreams, anxiety, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, back pain, weight gain, and dizziness.

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