We all get blue or feel sad and hopeless from time to time, but facing these emotions for a longtime, it may signal clinical depression. Living in depression may influence our body, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Depression can make us go through the emotional states of hopelessness, insistent sad mood, guilt, worthlessness, weakness, annoyance, nervousness, or irritation. These symptoms of depression obstruct us from enjoying and living our life to the fullest. With the lapse of time, depression corrodes our body’s energy level and passion that further make us think about attempting suicide.

Living in a depression not only influences our emotional wellbeing, but also influence our physical health resulting in the occurrence of physical health issues including chronic fatigue, insomnia, and changes in appetite. In depression, we often lose our temper, become easily annoyed or irritated, and isolate ourselves from others, and this diminishes our desire to engage ourselves in pleasurable activities. Thus, it is very crucial for us to manage our depression with anti-depressant medications like Valdoxan (Agomelatine) 25mg tablet so that we can enjoy our daily life.

Valdoxan is a phenomenal anti-depressant remedy used in the management of major depressive disorders in adult individuals. A depressed person will accomplish quick retrieval from symptoms of depression including deep grief, sadness, gloominess, ineptness, uneasiness, or misery by using this anti-depressant remedy. This medicine also offers quick recovery in the mood, sleep, desire for food, and energy level of depressed person so that he can enjoy his life with full enthusiasm. Agomelatine is a foremost therapeutic ingredient of Valdoxan.

Valdoxan is a most prominent and securest anti-anxiety therapies used in the treatment of major depressive disorders. This drug helps a depressed individual to get an immediate rescue from symptoms of depression including deep sorrow, intense sadness, gloominess, incompetence, uneasiness, or gloominess. This medicine helps a depressed person to attain instant recovery in his mood, sleep cycle, craving for food, and energy level so that he can enjoy his normal life activities with full enthusiasm. The key remedial compound accountable for the action of Valdoxan is Agomelatine.

As a potent structural analog of melatonin neurotransmitter, Agomelatine has agonistic action on melatonin receptors and antagonistic action on 5HT2c receptors. The opposing action of this medicine on 5HT2c receptors causes emancipation of norepinephrine and dopamine neurotransmitter. The intensification in norepinephrine and dopamine level in the brain causes immediate recuperation from the depressed mood. The agonistic actions of Agomelatine on melatonin (MT1 and MT2 receptor-site) receptors cause the quick recovery in the body’s circadian cycle.

At our pharmacy portal, we are offering Valdoxan tablet in a single dosing strength of 25mg. The doses suggested for the treatment of major depressive disorders is that take a solo Valdoxan 25mg tablet orally once a day in the evening at bedtime, with a copious quantity of water. The doses suggested for the treatment of severe cases of depression is that take two pills of Valdoxan 25mg as a solo dose, in the evening at bedtime, with plenty amount of water.

Not always, but sometimes the use of Valdoxan medicine may cause a few annoying effects such as headache, dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, extreme sweating, painful back, exhaustion, and edginess.

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Professional’s Advice:

Do not allow anyone below 18 years of age to use Valdoxan medicine. Do not recommend Valdoxan medicine to pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. Consumption of alcoholic beverages or sleeping pills should be circumvented while using Valdoxan medicine. Avoid implementing any risk-carrying task after using Valdoxan, as its utilization may cause dizziness or sleepiness.

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