ProSoma contains generic carisoprodol, which is the best solution to get relief from muscle pain. One can place an order online to buy Prosoma 350mg online at very nominal cost.

Generic Carisoprodol is an active medicament of this drug. This is a centrally acting analgesic drug. This medication is used to give instant relief from musculoskeletal pain. This drug is recommended to be taken along with rest and physical exercise. This medicine is to be taken only when pain occurs. Muscle pain disorder will not at all let a person to sleep at night and Prosoma 350mg tablet is the best solution for this problem. There are certain reasons cited for the problem of muscle pain such as daily workload of office and one should need to contact with a doctor immediately to get rid of the pain. There are many standard therapies and home remedies used to cure the muscle spasm. One should consume plenty of water after administration of this tablet as to avoid the gastric irritation. ProSoma helps to recover the sensation of pain that occurs between nerves and brain in an easy way.

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Carisoprodol is a central nervous system depressant that shows its mechanism by breaking the pain signal transfer between the nerves and brain. Finally, diminishing the pain sensation.

ProSoma is not to be taken under below mentioned medical conditions:

1.    Do not take this medicine if you are suffering from renal and hepatic disorder.

2.    Keep away from this medicine if you are allergic to its generic medicament and other inactive ingredients of this medicine.

3.    Don't take this medicine if you are the having the history of cardiac arrest.

4.    Do not take this medication if you are suffering from Porphyria (Hereditary disease).

 Prosomashows drug interaction when used along with the combination of enlisting drugs:

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (Fluvoxamine and Escitalopram), H-2 receptor blocker drug (Omeprazole and Pantoprazole), Benzodiazepine drug (Diazepam and Alprazolam), Anti-tuberculosis drug (Rifampin and Isoniazid), CNS depressants drug (Triprolidine and Methotrimeprazine), Opioid drug (Codeine and Morphine), Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (Fluvoxamine and Escitalopram)

Prosoma350mg is recommended to be taken orally 3 times in a day and one at bedtime with a full glass of water. The route of administration is oral. The chance of missing a dose is zero, as it supposed to be taken only when needed. An overdose of Prosoma should be avoided. Overdose symptoms include blurred vision, rapid heartbeat, convulsions or seizures and chest pain.

Individual may face certain side effects after administration of ProSoma:

Blurred vision, dimness, the feeling of sleepiness, perplexity, feeling of nausea and stomach upset, Paralysis, fast heart rate, seizures or convulsions, and fainting.

Important points to be kept in mind while taking this drug:

1.    Intake of this drug may give some dizzy effect so do not indulge in driving or doing other activities that need your attention.

2.    Pregnant women and nursing mothers should take this medicine after doctor prescription only.

3.    Avoid the consumption of alcohol beverages.

4.    It is suggested to take this drug for a shorter time period as it makes the individual drug dependent.

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