Thinking of intimate scenes you see on TV make you develop a typical sensation travels through the body that turns you arouse and erect. So, you progressed to see your woman she was sleeping a sound sleep in the bed. The innocence of her face has made your heart drawn for her in love. You took your slippers out and slowly move into the sheet in which she was in… you kissed softly and kissed moreover to her cheeks, neck, behind the ears and over the region around the bosoms this makes her wake up from her dreams. She slowly cuddles you with the same spirit you’re showing your love to her.

She holds your hand and made it move under her skirt. Oh! Something happens to you, is that erection? Yes, it is! Now you lost all the control over your sense and therefore you over here to show how much he loves you and appreciates you. You touched her curves with ease and unbuttoned yourself from the trouser and shirt so now it’s her turn to show the hidden beauty to you. Well! She hasn’t delayed a minute and moved up to you as you wanted.

Now, she passed the ball into your goal and it’s your chance now to show her the best of yours. You with a slight rub progressed with your organ into her clitoris to deep so as to reach the final destination of G-spot but within one or two blow you begin to get loose in your penile and the countdown starts at 30, 29, 28………and you fall out! Your erection gets vanished and you both fall out in the middle without having the savior of orgasm or climax.

So, this is the fifth time in last 3 weeks where you both have dealt with this awkward situation of Erectile Dysfunction but worry no more now you wouldn’t have to face it again as we have an awesome medicine in a recommendation for you and the name is Vidalista (Tadalafil) 40mg. Generic to this brand is Tadalafil that is approved by FDA for the correction of sexual dysfunction in men. Men above age 18 and below 65 years are fit best to take this medicine. This pill has to be taken without chewed and crushed before 15-30 minutes of making out with a partner and you can avail strong erection for a duration, not just minutes but for longer hours out of your imagination that is 36 hours. So take this pill once and enjoy its benefits till 3 days.

Vidalista 60mg tablet acts to give a perfect erection to men within minutes by simply countering the action of enzymes PDE5 to break the cGMP molecules into subunits. This is how the concentration of cGMP molecules goes up in the intimate region that further causes the NO accumulation & as a combined action gives the man a quicker, stiffer and erection to be enjoyed till a long time.

Adverse effects allied to Vidalista pills are a pain in penile while making an erection, dry and itchy intimate region, dizziness, nausea and stiff back region.

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Cautions a man can follow with Vidalista medicine are:

  1. 1.      Forbidding the booze of alcohol and beverage such as grapefruit juice/coffee
  2. 2.      Repeating Tadalafil more than prescribed frequency can make you get Priapism
  3. 3.      Riding of the vehicle and handling any sophisticated operation is not safe for patients

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