Every disease has some peculiar feature through which it can be easily diagnosed. The characteristic of Epilepsy are Seizures and understanding this thing can help us cope with Epilepsy in a better way. A seizure is a vast topic and has several categories such as generalized seizures and focal seizures. There are also various symptoms associated with seizures and on the basis of these symptoms as well seizure has been categorized, one such factor is motor capability. How a seizure manifests physically mostly depends on which area in the brain does it affect, this is an important part as it is this factor that determines what symptoms will the personal experience and how deeply he/she will be affected, apart from all these this factor will also help in determining the therapy. Another important factor is to know whether or not a person was conscious during the course of the seizure. Whether or not the person was conscious helps us know whether it is Motor or Non-motor symptoms.

The motor symptoms as the name itself suggests indicates towards the motility, whether or not the during the seizure there was any rhythmical jerking which is either present for a longer time in which case it is called (clonic), or is characterized by limping because the muscles become weak also called atonic, if there are tension and rigidity in the muscles then it is called tonic, twitching (myoclonus), and is called as epileptic spasm if there are constant contraction and relaxation of the muscles. In the case of non-motor symptoms which are also known as absence seizures the type can either be Typical or Atypical. In absence seizure the person can sometimes experience transient twitching which is generally located in a specific part for example Eyelids. Now let’s come to the treatment part of Epilepsy which is equally wide through here we will discuss a drug called Ativan 2 mg Tablet For Seizures.

Ativan is a highly used option for the management of Epilepsy. This medication is widely used across nations due to its powerful ability to control the intensity of seizures and thus restore calmness in the person. This drug does not bring down the frequency of seizures though it does mitigate the intensity of the seizure in short period preventing the risk of any large damage.

Lorazepam is a benzodiazepine class of a drug; it acts by binding to its receptors which are located over the GABA channels. It forms an ion complex with GABA receptors; this complex has enhanced affinity towards the neurotransmitter called GABA which has inhibitory functions. The increased activity of GABA opens up the chloride channels and thus the membrane gets negatively charged and as a consequence hyperpolarization happens. In hyperpolarized state all the excessive neuronal activities are cut down and the muscle relaxation takes place.

Ativan can be accessed in a wide dosing range of 0.5mg, 1mg and 2 mg as a tablet formulation which should be taken with water. The usual dose to begin the therapy is 1.5 mg which is taken every day in three 0.5mg divided doses. The dose can be maintained in adults with 8mg to 10mg of this drug taken in divided doses.

Side effects that come along with this therapy as byproducts are a delusion, sleepiness, violent behavior, dizziness, confusion, weakness, slurred speech, and unusual behavior.

Preventive steps to be taken:

You are cautioned not to take this drug if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant as this drug can make the baby dependent on it and thus the baby may feel withdrawal effects.   

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