Nowadays, almost every want good shaped body to look beautiful and handsome. Apart from this it also helps to remain healthy and fit. However, everyone is not fortunate to have muscular and lean shaped body therefore several times when they remains among friends who are healthy feels lack of self-confidence. This might occur due to natural imbalance of hormones and thus they eat or try different things to gain muscles but fails. These individuals want to enhance their muscles to have effective appearance and to gain muscles naturally becomes tough. So that to gain muscular mass and for better physique one can employ testosterone called as Andriol.

Andriol testocaps 40mg is one of the best and reliable medicine often intended for the purpose of bodybuilding. This medicine contains Testosterone Undecanoate as the main active constituent primarily male hormone answerable for the expansion and preservation of male sexual physiognomies. It is oil-based invention and available in the form of gel capsules. Therefore, it comprehends the essential of testosterone consumed by the body for muscle construction, growth and purpose of the male sexual organs and for secondary male sexual physiognomies. Sometime, women also use it for the muscle expansion. Testosterone comes in the group of medicine called as androgens type of male hormones. This medication typically shows action by exchanging the testosterone that would be created by the body. It acts by different mechanism in a human body that encompasses of the development of the androgen receptor (directly or as DHT), and by renewal to estradiol and establishment of the definite estrogen receptor.

The dosing regimen: Andriol liquid filled oral capsules 40mg are normally advised in case patient is not capable to use injectable dosage form therefore, consume the capsules orally with the help of full glass of water. Before taking this medicine consult the doctor as the dose is not same in every case or dose depends on the condition of patients. The usual dose is 3–4 capsules daily during the first 2–3 weeks, in adult's patient drifted by a consistent decrease to 1–3 capsules daily. Initially for the first 2 to 3 weeks of treatment, the daily dose of 120 mg to 160 mg in two divided dose is advised to use then after calculation of testosterone 40 mg to 120 mg daily are required.

Possible side effects: Administration of this medicine can show some common unwanted effects like liver dysfunctioning, muscle pain, breast enlargement, change in sexual drive, surge in red blood cell count, acne, itching, yellowish of skin and eyes.

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Preventive measures while using Andriol: you should not consume alcohol, sedatives and smoking or any other tobacco products along with this medicine. in case you are pregnant or a breast feeding women you should not use the medicine and do not use in allergic condition. Consult the doctor if suffering from history of breast cancer or reproductive illness and do not use anticoagulant medicine.

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