Sensual chemistry is what but the unexpected shock that surges in our body after we brush physically to our loved one. It is the heat that ignites when you people are attracted towards each other. It is the seductive sensations that develop in our core when two gazes meet. It is the display of our heart beating up inside that tells you to speak up your desire to taste lips of your loved one. It is the desire that oozes out from our skin to touch the bare skin of our gorgeous lady.

Sensual attraction and intimacy feel like a drug that makes you addicted. Perfection in your chemistry needs time and more you do more perfect you would be. Imperfections and failures come when a man hits with a poor erection. The incapability of not having good boner leaves you sad. To make your sensual chemistry glowing and booming, try Vidalista (Tadalafil) 40mg tablets. This medicine works wonders in bringing your erection strong and hard.   

Vidalista is the brand of medicine that has Tadalafil as the potent component. This medicine allows an erection occurrence as soon you are sensually stimulated. It helps those men who are incapable of keeping up an erection.

How does erection happen from the brain to sponge phenomena?

This process occurs with minor sensual stimulation. While you touch or see someone nude, the signals pass towards the brain triggering the level of hormones. This blood flows through the vessels to penile making it hard. Mental stimulation does follow with the burst of a brain chemical known as Nitric Oxide that is known as a neurotransmitter.

How ED happens?

Majority cases of erection problem are because of psychological problem. Potential causes of ED involve the disruption in any sequence of events of the spinal column, nerve impulses of brain center, the area surrounding the penile part, fibrous tissue, veins, and arteries. The physical cause can be an injury, disorder. Lifestyles choices like smoking, obesity are also some reasons. Low hormonal level or side effects of medication also can cause ED.

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How do this medicine Tadalafil works in bringing an erection?

This blocks the functioning of PDE5 enzyme and so stops the further breaking of cGMP in penile region and hence there is high cGMP number. This causes the vasodilation process and further brings speedy blood moment across vessels finally causing an erection.

What are the dose requirements that should be followed?

It comes as doses. One pill should be used before 15-30 minutes of intimacy act. The action starts soon in 15 minutes and course of action remains for 36 hours. The second dose can be used only after 36 hours of the first dosage.

Contradictory Factors

Safety requirements

Do not allow using it in severe allergic reactions. 

One should reduce the fat content as this can affect the drug action.

Do not allow using it in an age less than 18 years.

One should reduce alcohol and grapefruit juice as this cause affects in drug activity.

Do not allow using it if taking Nitrate forms.

After this drug, dizziness will be higher so avoid activities that need vigil.


People who have a cardiac problem should ask their doctor before use.

Most common arising ill issues are as nausea, headache, muscle pain, back pain, shortness of breath, flushing, dizziness, drowsiness, vision problem, and painful erection.

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