Have you forgotten to laugh a deep from your belly? Do you think that it’s a long time you have been together with your friends and relished happiness with them? Do you find yourself maximum times lost in some thoughts of confusion that’re responsible to induction of anxious thoughts? Do you feel jiggling of some uncomfortable emotions in your mind? Have you found yourself enthused into a frame of time or anguish in very next moment? Do you feel that the thing hurting you is something different from the usual stress and worriedness? Do you feel there are some clouds of sorrow in your head which are making you low in confidence and exhausted by body.

“Varying degree of muscular aches, insomnia at its extreme and panic anxiety repeated episodes has fully blown you under the depression”.

Parents-children, mentor-students, beau-belle, friends and other people who act overly protective with their relation generate a psychological angst later turn into depression. But instead of apology of having an anxiety and depression we must try to figure out the right cure for the condition called depression and that too without making an excuse! As more you delay the treatment to this psychological condition the adverse it might get. Therefore make Valdoxan 25 mg Agomelatine Dosage your premier choice to counter the state of depression.

Valdoxan is an acclaimed medication for the management of the severe state of anxiety and depression. Agomelatine is an active pharmaceutical entity that is enclosed under this brand. The concentrate in which the dosing is readily available in the market is 25mg. The methodology via the medicine works in a patient is resynchronization of sleep-wake cycle which got disturbed in patients due to depression. The drug acts agonistically over melatonin receptor sites and antagonist to 5FHT-2/Serotonin receptor site to bring back the lost rhythm of sleep cycle back into the schedule so that no weird feeling can annoy the users head.

Agomelatine 25mg, once a day with a glass full of water gives complete calmness to the head of the patient. Taking this medicine before bedtime makes the person feel energized, refreshed, tranquilized and active. The duration to which the therapy can be continued in a patient suffering from depression is 6 months until the physician is confirmed that the patient is free from the signs & symptoms of depression. This medicine should not be used to treat dementia condition.  

Some patient who taking these medications might get these adverse effects such as nasal congestion, blur vision, diarrhea, sweating & abdominal pain. When taking Valdoxan pill follow these cautionary indications as given below:

1.  Do not abuse the intake of alcohol and cigarette smoke

2.  Don’t take junk food and grapefruit juice

3.  Avoid the strenuous workout & handling to machine & motor riding later taking Valdoxan medicine.

4.  Patients with liver intolerance issues should tell the condition to the physician so that change in the dosing might be made effectively

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