Long-term anxiety is an origin of undue stress and long-time but untreated anxiety becomes a depression. This annoying and depressing mental state impacts deterrent to your immune system. Have you ever noticed people with running nose, long months a cough, shaking hands, upset stomach and blinking eyes? Actually what made these people constantly behave so different? Long-term anxieties & depressed people develop overactive Adrenal gland that function by elevating the levels of stress hormone Cortisol.

Cortisol plays a crucial effect in controlling and correcting the allergies by inhibiting the Immune system activity. Constant stress and depression is a reason to development of concentration of Cortisol this further brings down the functioning of your immune system making you liable to catch allergies like the common cold, runny nose, fever and other sick symptoms.

Therefore treatment for long-term anxiety and depression is crucial if you’re suffering from severe allergic symptoms. A person who lacks self-confidence and is seen all-time anxious with running nose, trembling hands & feet or slurred speech turns a subject to laugh in the society. Efficiency decrease and you lose friends! Other than this you got patient with a cardiac disease such as hypertension. So, cure your anxiety and be ready to suffer from unavoidable and other hazardous conditions.

Medicine Valdoxan contains Agomelatine as generic FDA approved ingredient that function in the body to synchronize the circadian rhythm by acting agonistic to melatonin receptor and antagonistic to the 5FHT-2/Serotonin receptor. This medicine acts to give you complete mental relaxation by balancing the charges over in and out the nerve fibers.

Agomelatine in marketed in dosing strength 25mg. The patient can consume this pill for once a day in the evening prior having or after having the meals. Take this pill with a full glass of water to begin the next morning happily with no depression and any unwanted signs of allergy. A patient can be recommended to dosing strength 50mg a day but it should be given to patient only under the vigilance of physician.

Certain malicious indications to use of Valdoxan medicine are nausea, diarrhea, hazy vision, exhaustion, apnea, increased sweating, rash, dryness, and itching over the intimate skin, abdominal discomfort and pain.

Few cautionary events patient should trail when taking Valdoxan medicine are as follows:

  • 1.    Skip boozing alcohol and avoid the tobacco smoke completely
  • 2.    Be strict to not to consume junks and any beverages like grapefruit juice which delays the effect of the medicine
  • 3.    Don’t let yourself into strenuous work out later taking the pills
  • 4.    Operating hands on sophisticated machinery & motor to be avoided later taking the medicine as a risk to accident/injury are higher

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