Depression disorder, also known as a Major depressive disorder, is described as a persistent emotion of sadness or a lack of interest in external stimuli. You might not know, however, depression or major depressive disorder is of many various types that influence your life and make living challenging. Each type of depression has a different cause, however typically involves the similar sense of disinterest in activities that you were once interested in and a complete emotion of sadness.

Types of depression disorder may be categorized as a Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), Psychotic depression, postpartum depression, melancholic depression, atypical depression, and catatonic depression. Symptoms and signs are observed depending on the type of depression and generally include agitation, inability to focus, negative thinking with the incapability to focus on positive solutions, irritability, sleep increase, change in weight, exhaustion, lethargy, suicidal thoughts, hopelessness, or lavishing and withdrawing from loved ones and favorite activities. Depression is a serious mental concern that if left untreated can have fatal consequences. Many treatment options are accessible for depression including psychotherapy, antidepressant medicines, electroconvulsive treatment (ECT), and others. Medical treatment includes Valdoxan 25mg medication that is widely prescribed for the treatment of depression or major depressive disorder.

Valdoxan is a commonly used brand that is made from generic Agomelatine, which acts as a potent melatonin agonist. Thus, by managing the circadian rhythm of the body, Valdoxan helps in improving the sleep pattern and thus makes a patient suffering from depression happy, interested in favorite activities, and enhances the life quality. This way, Valdoxan acts as an active antidepressant moiety for maintaining the body’s circadian rhythm and treats depression. Patients start feeling happiness, joy, involvement in activities and return normally to as usual daily living.

Valdoxan is obtainable in the form of orally consumed formulation with 25mg dosage strengths that are advised to be taken orally using water and regardless of the meals. Hence, the treatment regimen include oral intake of a single dose of Valdoxan daily during nighttime before going to bed. If this dose is insufficient then two pills as a single dose may be given to the patient to take 50mg a day but only when prescribed. An overdose of Valdoxan can make the patient’s condition worse.

Few noticed side effects of Valdoxan use include abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, constipation, tiredness, backache, vomiting, or sleep difficulty.

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Therefore, the following noteworthy points are mandatory for the use of Valdoxan regimen-

  1. 1.    Valdoxan should not be given to children, pregnant women, elderly people, and nursing mothers.
  2. 2.    It is conflicting to take Valdoxan during hypersensitivity to any ingredient of this brand medicine.
  3. 3.    If the patient is suffering from liver, kidney, heart, psychological, or any blood-related medical condition, then use of Valdoxan is conflicting.
  4. 4.    Drinking alcoholic beverages with Valdoxan medicine can result in aggravation of side effects, so this must be avoided.
  5. 5.   After taking a Valdoxan dose, the user should not drive or take part in any such activity else, the side effects may have a negative consequence.

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