Who doesn’t want a good body? Probably we all do, some want a massive one some want a shredded one, some want huge arms massive chest and an inflated physique. Some on the other hand want a jacked body, the one with a tight and compact physique. To get what we want, we have to work for it and earn it, we have to sweat it out in the gym, exercise discipline and eat healthy food. We have to keep ourselves motivated to get the best out of us, we should religiously follow the exercising and eating schedule.

All this will get you a fine body but if you are someone has higher aspirations, someone who sees him/herself in a different light the definitely just the above measures are not sufficient for you, you want something extra, you have got to take something extra as well. For people like you, we have a product called Andriol Testocaps (Testosterone Undecanoate) 40 mg capsules, yes it is a steroid and you probably have heard of them. Not many people approve of steroids due to the side effects associated with them though there is little doubt over the effects these products offer.

Andriol is heavily utilized by athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are looking for multiple degree increments in performance, endurance and mass building. The heavy use of this product is always attributed to its better safety profile. This medication is also known for the powerful response it offers within just a few days so that you start to see the effects which also serves as motivation. It is the daily workout companion of many athletes, professional bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts who have aimed at increasing their performance to highest levels and who are aiming for an awe-inspiring physique as well. Apart from these uses of Andriol, this product is also widely relied upon for the treatment of hypogonadism, osteoporosis and a few types of female cancer. Testosterone Undecanoate is chief pharma moiety of this medication.

Testosterone Undecanoate after getting dissolved in the blood circulation gets converted in 5α-dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which gets bound to the androgen receptors and forms a complex called DHT-receptor complex. This complex then goes through a structural change and enters the nucleus, it then binds to the nucleotide sequence of the chromosomal DNA which speeds up the transcriptional process and produces more protein which assists in bodybuilding.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         This medication is available as a tablet formulation which should be ingested orally with water.  The usual dose for initiating the therapy is 40mg which is ingested twice a day right after the morning and the evening meals. The dosing mentioned here is general, do not take it as a substitute for your doctor’s prescription.

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Notable side effects related to this medication are sleeplessness, skin irritation, giddiness, perplexity, acne, mood swings, headache, and muscle ache.                                                                                     

Precautionary measures to be taken to make this therapy work better:                                                     

  1. 1.    Be sure not to consume alcohol as that can amplify the adverse effects of this medication.  
  2. 2.   If you are a woman who is taking this medication for bodybuilding purposes, kindly discuss the risks and benefits of this medication with your doctor, you are advised not to use it if you are pregnant or are breast-feeding a baby.

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