Some people have the aim of becoming doctors while some people love to run. You were born on earth to eat and only eat. Your whole world revolves around the kitchen table; your shopping includes only fast foods. Though the fact, you are having a bad figure and you know it. You never accepted this bitter truth till……..

You proposed a girl whom you are noticing from last year. With lots of courage when you tell her about your feelings, she clearly says that you are a fatty, and much more. After listing it, all your friends are laughing at you. That day, you realized that you are not that much as cool and dashing whose body adds up stars in their smartness. That night, you keep looking yourself in the mirror and continuously thinking that she is right. You really look bad.

Next morning you run towards the gym with full dedication and the strong urge of muscle building. Lifting heavy weight, you were confident that surely you make muscles soon. Looking at the pictures of good abs, you were waiting for the day when you have them, your own. “Sugar is the devil” you keep consuming on a high protein diet. Nothing works well for fewer days so your coach advises you to take Andriol. With its usage, you noticed a great improvement in yourself and finally, you are having muscles that you want your own.

Sizzling six packs are not easy to get, so man who has decided to get them can only do so by the use of Andriol. This medicine helps a person to get toned abs so that your personality gets improved. Any man who wants to build up muscles as soon as possible can take this medicine and can impress their woman because of their abs. Andriol is placed in a group of medicines namely androgens, that aims to fulfill the deficiency of testosterone in me whose body is not able to develop and sustain the male sensual characteristics. Testosterone Undecanoate 40mg capsules is a main generic moiety that has been advanced with some properties to get converted into Andriol.

The mechanism of action of Generic Testosterone Undecanoate starts by making the anabolic atmosphere in the body that is responsible for retaining nitrogen in the body. This action results in the formation of an adequate amount of protein.  More amount of protein is responsible for developing and strengthening muscles. Additionally, it also restores interstitial Leydig cells of the male testis for the process of spermatogenesis.

Andriol is easily available in tablet formulation that is intended for oral intake with an abundance of water. The advised dose of this medicine is 120-160mg in a day. This dosing needs to be continued by man 2-4 weeks. After this dosing, he needs to maintain a dose of 40mg to 120mg per day as advised to you.


Few men have noticed the side effects of Andriol like vomiting, queasiness; annoyance; oily skin, hair loss, spots, and skin color change and augmented or reduced sensual requirements. Therefore follow some cautious measures to save yourself from these noxious effects like if you have severe kidney disease of allergic to any drug component present in it, never take it. Andriol is specially made for men only so do not advice women.