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andriol testocaps 40 mg capsules

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Buy Andriol Testocaps - Testosterone Undecanoate 40 mg capsules

Testosterone Capsules - Andriol Testocaps 40 mg capsules

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Andriol (Testosterone Undecanoate) is a distinguished steroid preparation used extensively for muscle mass building. Buy Andriol Testocaps 40mg capsules from our drugstore at an economical price.

Quantity Strength Price Unit Price
30 Tablets Andriol Testocaps 40 Mg Capsules - Testosterone Undecanoate 40mg $25.20 $0.84
90 Tablets Andriol Testocaps 40 Mg Capsules - Testosterone Undecanoate 40mg $62.59 $0.70
120 Tablets Andriol Testocaps 40 Mg Capsules - Testosterone Undecanoate 40mg $80.78 $0.67

Buy Andriol testocaps online - testosterone undecanoate 40 mg capsules

A precise overview of Andriol Testocaps 40mg Capsules:

Andriol is a dominant androgen hormone medicine that empowers individuals in boosting the muscles strength and mass without having any complications. Apart from this, this steroid also used to provide testosterone hormone in men when their own body remains inept to produce enough of it and thus this medication treats many diseases in them, which are associated with the lack of testosterone hormone. Additionally, in women, it also helps in the management of certain cancers. Testosterone Undecanoate is the vital ingredient present in Andriol that is liable for its functioning.

Action mechanism of Andriol Testocaps 40mg Capsules:

Testosterone Undecanoate 40 mg capsules works by acting in two ways i.e. through activation of the androgen receptor (directly or as DHT) and by transformation to Estradiol and stimulation of certain estrogen receptors. Free testosterone is carried into the cytoplasm of target tissue cells, where it can bind to the androgen receptor or can be changed to 5α-dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by a 5α-reductase enzyme. DHT pairs with the androgen receptor and this DHT-receptor complex go through a structural change, which permits it to get in the cell nucleus and bind directly to the exact nucleotide sequence of the chromosomal DNA. This inflates the transcriptional action of certain genes, generating the androgen effects.

Dosing Plan of Andriol Testocaps 40mg Capsules:

Andriol usually arrives within the capsule dosage form. The most profitable dose strength of Andriol testocaps is 40mg that a user is advised to swallow two times a day. A user needs to engulf this medication with a colossal sum of water after the morning and evening meal. Andriol capsule should be engulfed as a whole devoid of breaking or chewing within the mouth.

Incompatible factors with Andriol Testocaps 40mg Capsules:

You are not supposed to consume Andriol capsules if:

  • You are having or have had a tumor of your prostate or breast
  • You are struggling with severe liver or kidney disease
  • You are hypersensitive to Testosterone Undecanoate or to any of the ingredients present in Andriol

Likely noxious effects with Andriol Testocaps 40mg Capsules:

Some of the noxious effects that have been noticed with Andriol utilization include acne, sleeplessness, giddiness, skin irritation, headache, mood swings, perplexity and muscle ache.

Safety instructions to be followed with Andriol Testocaps 40mg Capsules:

  • A user needs to evade boozing alcohol while relying on Andriol.
  • It should not be used without having a medical advice in any pregnant or lactating woman.

Andriol Testocaps 40mg Capsules


  1. Best Medicine for Muscles Review by George Clooney
    Star Rating

    “Andriol Testocaps 40 Mg helped me to build my weak muscles and now I too could stand with the good looking guys of my college. I did lot of physical exercises along with this medication.” (Posted on 4/26/18)

  2. Best Medicine and Great service.. Review by Jack Nicholson
    Star Rating

    “I was passionate of doing gym but since few months I have not gained much body and I wanted to look attractive. Then I tried Andriol along with the gym and I found best results within month duration”.... Overall very good service and product as described.
    (Posted on 4/22/18)

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