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Benzoyl Peroxide

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Benzagel acne wash is an amazing topical treatment for the management of acne. Buy Benzagel acne wash from our drug portal at the economical rates.

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1 Tube Benzagel $2.30 $2.30
3 Tube Benzagel $6.50 $2.17
6 Tube Benzagel $11.75 $1.96

Product descriptions of Benzagel acne wash:

Benzagel acne wash is a safe and efficient topical treatment used in the management of both uncomplicated facial acne and acne vulgaris. This medicine is a unique micronized formulation that effectively penetrates the skin and reduces the amount of acne-causing bacteria. Benzagel acne wash is a face wash containing Benzoyl peroxide as an active constituent.

Action mechanisms of Benzagel acne wash:

Benzoyl peroxide decays to discharge nascent oxygen after topical application. This nascent oxygen acts as a bactericidal agent towards Propionibacterium acnes, the causative agent of acne vulgaris. Benzoyl peroxide also enhances the yield rate of epithelial cells, thereby shedding the skin and encouraging the resolution of comedones.

Method of use of Benzagel acne wash:

Benzagel acne wash encloses 5% of Benzoyl peroxide. You should take a small amount of Benzagel acne wash in your hand and gently massage it over your face especially to the affected areas of the skin for 10 to 20 seconds. After that, rinse the medication from your face with help normal water. After rinsing the lather, you should pat dry your skin with help of dry towel. A user of Benzagel acne wash can use it for one to three times daily.

Contraindications of Benzagel acne wash:

  • Do not use Benzagel acne wash if you have allergic reactions with generic Benzoyl peroxide or any other components of Benzagel acne wash.
  • Do not use Benzagel acne wash, if your skin is very sensitive in nature.

Side effects of Benzagel acne wash:

A user of Benzagel acne wash may experience some side effects while relying on the treatment with this medicine such as skin dryness, peeling, or flaking, redness or irritation of the skin, and mild stinging or burning sensation on the skin.

Be attentive:

  • Avoid the use of cosmetic products that cause irritation harsh soaps, shampoos, skin cleansers, etc while using this medicine.
  • Avoid direct exposure towards sunlight after using Benzagel acne wash, so use protective clothing or sunscreen while going out in the sun.
  • Benzoyl peroxide has bleaching effect, so use this medication with caution to avoid it from getting in contact with hair or clothing.
  • Pregnant women and lactating mothers should consult their doctor before using Benzagel acne wash.

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