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Buy Bimatoprost Eye Drops

Generic Bimatoprost Eye Drops

Starting from $9.20

Bimatoprost makes your eyelashes grow faster. Buy Bimatoprost Eye Drops at a nominal price value from our online medicinal mart along with hasty cargo option. 

Quantity Strength Price Unit Price
5 Bimatoprost Eye Drops $63.25 $12.65
10 Bimatoprost Eye Drops $105.80 $10.58
20 Bimatoprost Eye Drops $195.50 $9.78
30 Bimatoprost Eye Drops $285.20 $9.51
40 Bimatoprost Eye Drops $374.90 $9.37
50 Bimatoprost Eye Drops $464.60 $9.29
60 Bimatoprost Eye Drops $552.00 $9.20

Given is the outline of Bimatoprost eye drops

After you use Bimatoprost eye drops for your eyelashes, this will make your eyelashes to get thick and it also lengthens your eyelashes faster. It is been used by those girls who have less eyelashes or also in hypotrichosis disorder. Bimatoprost acts as a prostaglandin analog. It shows its functioning by acting upon growth anagen cycle of hair.

Given is the working about the drug Bimatoprost eye drops

The functioning of this eye drop occurs in two possible ways. First, the eye drops elevate the length of an eyelash. Secondly, this also elevates the number of hair in each growth cycle. The results will be seen in about four weeks and full complete results will be observed after 16 weeks of its usage.

Given is the dose info about Bimatoprost eye drops and its method of use

When you use eye drops, wash your hands properly. Squeeze a little drop of eye drop on the tip of applicator. Apply it gently from the base of an upper eyelash of both eyes. Make your eyes to remain closed for some time so that solution gets applied to your lower lash also. Wipe out an extra solution with the help of tissue paper. The dose of Bimatoprost eye drops you should apply it at one time in a day before you sleep at night time.

Given are the contradictory factors with Bimatoprost eye drop

  • Never use in gestating state and in lactating mothers without a doctor's permission.
  • You should not apply it when you have hyper allergic with its ingredients.

Given are the safety precautions to follow with Bimatoprost eye drop

  • Take your contact lenses out and after usage of an eye drops; insert them back but at least after 15 min of Bimatoprost usage.
  • Avoid causing contamination of the tip of applicator and bottle by stopping touching with your finger.
  • Keep an interval of five minutes in between usage of any two different eye drops.
  • Always use sterile applicator.
  • Prohibit the use of eye drop when you had an eye surgery or eye inflammations.

Given are the sick effects with Bimatoprost eye drop

Some side effects with the application of Bimatoprost eye drop are redness of an eye, eye itching, vision changes, feeling of something in the eye, mild burning of the eye, sensitivity to light, dryness of an eye, eye discharge, and darkening of eyelid skin.   

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