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Nailon 5ml

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Nailon 5ml


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Starting from $9.24

Place your order for Nailon 5ml nail lacquer from our website on discounted price to make your nails free from the invasion of any bacterial infections.

Quantity Strength Price Unit Price
1 Unit Nailon 5ml - Ciclopirox $13.24 $13.24
3 Units Nailon 5ml - Ciclopirox $29.72 $9.91
6 Units Nailon 5ml - Ciclopirox $55.44 $9.24

Knowledge about Nailon Nail lacquer:

Nailon nail lacquer is the best treatment available for curing a bacterial infection of the nails of fingers and toe. The medication is sold massively around the niche and corner of the world for the treatment of the nail infections caused by either bacteria or the fungi. The pack is available in dosing of 5 ml and it embraces active constituent Ciclopirox.

Understanding the mechanism of Nailon Nail lacquer:

The active module Ciclopirox inhibits the working of bacterial enzymes and disrupts the cellular activities occurring in mitochondria so ultimate it shut down the whole energy process of the bacteria. On binding to plasma membrane the medicine, results into deformation of fungi DNA so to inhibit the process of cell division which latter inhibit the spread of infection.

The manner to use Nailon Nail lacquer:

With aid of an applicator brush, the patient can apply the Nailon nail lacquer efficiently over the infected nail once in a day prior going to bed for sleep at night. A person when wake up in the morning must not wash the medication rather apply the second coat of the medicine on next night. This process needs to be repeated for continuous 1 week at the same time at night. On the 7th day of the week wipe out the medicated nail lacquer with the assistance of a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Use of medicine for a duration more than 6 months is contradicted.

In the case of missed dose, apply for the medicine onto your nail as soon as you remember but skip applying the same when it is the time of next dosing.

Allied side effect to Nailon Nail lacquer:

Few side effect that can daunt the user includes swelling, redness, itching, irritation, burning, oozing, blistering and discoloration in the nails.

Precautions associated with Nailon Nail lacquer usage:

  • A person should remain cautious whilst apply the lacquer to the nails so to prevent the contact of medication to regions such as eyes, mouth, and vagina else might develop serious irritation.
  • Trimming of infected nails is crucial.
  • Prevent using any nail paints onto your nails until under Nailon treatment
  • Pregnant and nursing mother must not use this medication
  • The nail lacquer is not for children under 10 years of age


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