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Looking for an awesome way to cope up with muscle and nerve pain? Buy medicine Neurontin 300mg from our website and earn discounts on the market price of medicine.

Quantity Strength Price Unit Price
30 Tablets Neurontin 100 mg $16.99 $0.57
90 Tablets Neurontin 100 mg $48.99 $0.54
30 Tablets Neurontin 300 mg $27.99 $0.93
90 Tablets Neurontin 300 mg $81.99 $0.91
30 Tablets Neurontin 400 mg $33.99 $1.13
90 Tablets Neurontin 400 mg $89.99 $1.00
30 Tablets Neurontin 600 mg $47.99 $1.60
90 Tablets Neurontin 600 mg $141.99 $1.58

Therapeutic indications of Neurontin 300mg:

Neurontin 300mg is the medicine that acts as a boon to those patients suffering badly from the painful condition of nerve pain which is like burning, itching, pricking and throbbing pain. The feeling of pins and needles is the bad observation during nerve pain. This medicine falls into the therapeutic categories of Antidepressant & Anti-Seizures. An acclaimed brand of Neurontin is Gabapentin.

Pharmacologic indications of Neurontin 300mg:

Gabapentin acts in the body of a person by binding to neurotransmitter GABA and establishing an equilibrium over the sides of the nerves by balancing the charges over the two sides. This later prevents the attack of convulsions, seizures and pull down the painful response of nerves. This medicine prevents the painful signals to traverse to the brain thus establishes a calmness in the patient's brain.

Dosing indications of Neurontin 300mg:

For treatment of Postherpetic neuralgia, the dosing of Neurontin to be taken by the patient is 300mg for once a time in the day for the first day later you can take two doses a day and three dosing if required. Maximum safe dosing strength a patient can take up of Neurontin is 900mg but take the dosing in divided doses.

For bringing down the frequency of Epilepsy with Partial Onset Seizures consume Neurontin 300mg for about three times a day. Max dosing you can take of Neurontin in a day is 3600 mg taken under doctor consideration.

Side effects allied to use of Neurontin 300mg:

Those taking Neurontin can get some adverse effects like depression, anxiety, restlessness, mood swing, cough, sore throat.

Safety indications one can take with Neurontin 300mg:

Cautionary measures one need to follow with medication are as follows:

  • Do not have drinks that have high alcohol fraction
  • Caffeine beverage and caffeinated drinks need to be avoided
  • Recreational medicines should be avoided with Neurontin
  • Do not steer motor or control any machine after taking the drug
  • If you have kidney or liver impairment then do not take this medication

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