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Prednisolone Tablets

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Any issues of inflammation and infection can be overcome by the use of medicine Prednisolone. Place an order for Prednisolone from our website at a discounted price.

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Therapeutic indications of medicine Prednisolone:

Medicine Prednisolone is an acclaimed immunosuppressant that belongs to glucocorticoid therapeutic class approved by USFDA for treating body infections like allergy, asthma, inflammation, leukemia, psoriasis and some other varied range of infections.

Know the Prednisolone drug mechanism of action:

Prednisolone medicine acts by inhibiting the surge of crucial mediators such as hormones, enzymes, and other proteins which are responsible for producing inflammation substance such as Leukocyte, Lipocortins, PhospholipaseA2, Prostaglandins, and others. Thus, via this way the medicine encounters spread of infection and inflammation in the body.

Dosing indications to take up Prednisolone:

Prednisolone is available in different dosing strengths ranging from 0.1mg to 2 mg. This dosing you have to take up in divided doses of 1-4 times.

Side effects of taking Prednisolone:

Certain side effects of taking Prednisolone medicine are like blurred vision, irritation, mood swings, numbness in limbs, confusion, fatigue, muscle pain, back and abdominal pain, dehydrated skin, and rash.

Cautionary measures you need to take with Prednisolone:

Patients taking Prednisolone have to take this cautions:

  • Regular check for blood and urine samples is important when patient is having this medication
  • Direct contact with people having any type of sickness is not safe if patient is having lower immune levels
  • The drug delays the growth of bones in children

Contraindications with intake of Prednisolone:

Do not take this drug if:

  • You are a pregnant  or breastfeeding mother
  • If you or your child have undergone chickenpox or measles in recent history
  • Use of medicine is contraindicated in case of diabetes, psychosis, and hypertension
  • Do not consume the dosing if you are hypersensitive

Interactions of other medicines with Prednisolone:

Medicines that interact with Prednisolone are Aspirin, Paracetamol, Pregabalin, Montelukast, Budesonide, Vitamin B12, Albuterol and Ascorbic acid.

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