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Acitretin (a si tre tin)

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Soriatane is useful for severe psoriasis in adults. Buy now Soriatane 10mg and 25mg Capsules from our online pharmacy portal at a discounted rate with hasty delivery to your home.

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Given is the concise overview about the drug Soriatane

Acitretin is the generic of Soriatane that belongs to a retinoid class that is a form of vitamin A. It is useful in curing severe psoriasis. Psoriasis is the condition in which you will have thick, red, and scaly skin lesions. This drug is a FDA approved medication used to stopping psoriasis.

Given is the course of action of Soriatane

This functions by targeting specific retinoic receptors RXR and RAR that normalizes growth cycle of skin cells. It causes inhibition of excessive cell growth and keratinization process observed in psoriasis. It lowers thickening of skin, scaling, and plague formation.

Given is the dosage design of Soriatane

Adult dose for psoriasis: You should importantly use starting dose as 25 to 50 mg through oral route once per day and administer as a single dose with main food. You can take it with food.

Given are the contraindications of Soriatane

  • You should not use it in pregnancy state or when you plan of pregnancy at least after three years you stop using Acitretin.
  • Do not donate blood while or even after three years of Soriatane stoppage.
  • Never use it in allergic symptom with Acitretin.
  • Women who is on Acitretin treatment must not use alcohol and also not after two months of alcohol usage.
  • Never give it to breastfeeding mothers or in pregnancy state.
  • Do not use in disorders like high triglycerides, hepatic disorder, or you are using Methotrexate. 

 Given are the side effects of Soriatane

Some side effects you will observe with Acitretin are the dry or a runny nose, peeling skin, mild itching, dry mouth, weak nails, fragile skin, muscle stiffness, itching or scaling of the skin.

Given are the safety precautions to follow with Soriatane

  • Avoid sun exposure as there would be sunburn more easily.
  • Report your doctor if you have depression, diabetes, cardiac ailment, if you receive phototherapy, or you drink a large amount of alcoholic beverages.

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