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Tadaga 40MG

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Tadaga 40 MG

Tadalafil 40mg - Cialis

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Tadaga (Tadalafil) is an amazing remedy for adult men to enhance potency who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Buy Tadaga (Tadalafil) 40mg Tablets online at affordable rates.

Quantity Strength Price Unit Price
40 Tablets Tadaga 40mg Tablets – Generic Tadalafil 40mg Tablets $55.00 $1.38
60 Tablets Tadaga 40mg Tablets – Generic Tadalafil 40mg Tablets $80.00 $1.33
100 Tablets Tadaga 40mg Tablets – Generic Tadalafil 40mg Tablets $110.00 $1.10

Brief summary about Tadaga 40mg-

Tadaga is an eminent oral formulation that is used to treat the physical dysfunction of erectile failures or impotence in adult men. Tadaga helps men to have improved blood circulation towards erectile organ and this helps him in attaining and sustaining the stiff erection for completing a satisfying love session.

Therapeutic working of Tadaga 40mg -

Tadaga brand encompasses generic Tadalafil, which is a PDE-5 inhibitor and thus inhibits the action of the PDE-5 enzyme. This helps to increase the level of cGMP, which in accordance with released nitric oxide after sexual arousal helps to widen the constricted blood vessels around male genitals. This causes the engorgement of the erectile organ with sufficient amount of blood to accomplish and hold the hard erection.

Dosing regimen of Tadaga 40mg -

Tadaga 40mg is an orally ingested formulation and needs to be taken at about 30minutes prior to the intended physical intimacy. This makes the drug onset its action within 15minutes of ingestion and last the duration for next 36hours in your body. Hence, you do not require to repeat the dose same day. You should keep the gap of three days between two doses.

Adverse effects of Tadaga 40mg -

Dizziness, nausea, headache, back pain, muscle pain, nasal congestion, redness of the face, indigestion, blurred vision and priapism (prolonged or painful erection) are some observed adverse effects of Tadaga.

Contraindications for the use of Tadaga 40mg -

  • Tadaga is not safe to be taken if you have any health complication regarding liver, genitals, kidney, heart, or bleeding disorder.
  • It is conflicting to take Tadaga in case of allergic reactions to any moiety of this brand.
  • You should not take Tadaga unless you are above to 18years or below to 65years of age.
  • Taking Tadaga, while using any medicine, with nitrate component, is contradictory.

Precautionary points to be taken while using Tadaga 40mg -

  • It is cautious to have grapefruit juices and high fatty food along with Tadaga as these will lead to low absorption of the drug.
  • You should not indulge in alcohol consumption while using Tadaga.

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