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Buy Timolol Eye Drops Online

Timolol Maleate Ophthalmic - Timolol Eye Drops

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Timolol eye drops are the clinically approved ophthalmic preparation prescribed for the open eye glaucoma. Buy Timolol eye drops online at low price.

Quantity Strength Price Unit Price
1 Bottle Timolol Maleate Eye Drops - .5% (5ml Bottle) $5.39 $5.39
3 Bottles Timolol Maleate Eye Drops - .5% (5ml Bottle) $14.39 $4.80

Synopsis of Timolol eye drops

Are you facing the trouble of vision or loss of vision due to increased blood pressure inside the eye?  Hence, you are facing the issue of open eye glaucoma. In addition, if you are only facing the trouble of high blood pressure inside the eye, then you are going through Ocular hypertension. Both the condition required treatment on time, else may lead to permanent vision loss or nerve damage. It is easily prevented with the support of medication known as Timolol eye drops.

Working action of Timolol eye drops

Timolol eye drops consist of Timolol as a main functional moiety, which falls under the class of beta-blockers. It shows its working of action by jamming beta-receptors in the eye, which reduces the pressure of the fluid surrounded by the eyeball.

Do not use Timolol:

The use of Timolol eye drop is not permitted under some conditions like as

  • If allergic to Timolol or any other ingredient
  • have a history of lung or breathing problems
  • have diabetes and heart problems
  • have narrow eye glaucoma, double vision
  • if using any other beta blockers

How to use Timolol eye drops?

The Timolol eye drops are accessible as ophthalmic preparation. You have to apply the eye drops twice in a day once in the morning or other in evening. Wash the hand before and after applying the eye drops. While applying the drops, tilt your head towards the back and make the pouch by dragging the lower eyelid using index finger. Now put one drop into the affected eye. After that close the eye for one minute and apply pressure over it with index finger so that drug gets absorbed completely inside the eye.

Things need to be taken care

  • You have to remove the contact lenses before using the drops; you can re-insert it after a gap of 15 minutes.
  • Maintain a gap of 15 minutes between two eye drops.
  • It makes your vision blurred so do not drive or perform machinery work for at least 30 minutes after using the drops.

Side Effects of Timolol eye drops

The use of eye drops causes side effects like as of inflammation or redness of the eye, eye irritation, blurred vision, change of eye color, and feeling like something heavy inside the eye, dizziness, drowsiness, and sensitivity towards the light.

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