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Buy Vigamox Eye Drops

Moxifloxacin Opthalmic Solution - Vigamox Eye Drops

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Starting from $20.40

Vigamox Eye Drop is an immensely suggested ophthalmic preparation for the treatment of bacterial infections of the eyes. Buy Vigamox Eye Drop online.

Quantity Strength Price Unit Price
1 (ML) Bottle Vigamox 0.5% Opthalmic Solution (5ml Bottle) $20.40 $20.40
3 (ML) Bottles Vigamox 0.5% Opthalmic Solution (5ml Bottle) $61.19 $20.40

A precise description of the Vigamox Eye Drop:

Vigamox is the preeminent quinolone antibiotic that assists patient in the effective management of eye infections. It is potent eye preparation, which by producing its compelling antibacterial infection via constraining the production of proteins vital for bacterial survival affords an active relief. It accommodates a generic namely Moxifloxacin as its active therapeutic ingredient.  It is only effective to be used for the bacterial infection of the eyes and not for the viral or fungal eye infection.

Action mechanism of Vigamox Eye Drop:

Vigamox (Moxifloxacin) performs its antibacterial action via constraining the enzymes topoisomerase II/DNA gyrase and IV. Whereas DNA gyrase is a vital enzyme involved in the replication, transcription, and repair of bacterial DNA and Topoisomerase IV is chargeable for playing an essential role in the partitioning of the chromosomal DNA while bacterial cell division.

Method of application of Vigamox Eye Drop:

Wash your hands and slant your head back. While pulling down your lower eyelid, make a small eye pouch. Hold the dropper up side your eyes and staring up, pressed out a drop into your affected eyes. Stay your eyes closed for 2-3 minutes without blinking our eyes. Wipe out any excess of the drug content from your eyes assisting a clean tissue. Again wash your hands after making the application.

Contrary factors with Vigamox Eye Drop:

The patient is not supposed to employ this eye drop if he/she is having:

  • Allergic reactions to Moxifloxacin or any other drug constituents
  •  Recently surgery or injury of an eye
  • Any fungal infection of an eye

A glimpse of some noxious effects with Vigamox Eye Drop:

Some of the short-term noxious effects of the Vigamox eye Drop that can be experienced by the patient include dryness, tearing and blurred vision,  burning, itching, redness of eye and eyelids, stinging,  pain in the eye,  swelling of eyes and enhanced tear flow.

Cautionary steps with Vigamox Eye Drop:

  • Take away your contact lenses previously instilling the drop into your eyes and wear them back after waiting for 15 minutes.
  • Vigamox may cause unclear vision so evade any strenuous tasks like driving or operating tools just after instilling the eye drop.
  • It is advisable to always clear away your makeup or any other cosmetic product from eyes prior to instilling the eye drop.
  • Make a distance of 10 minutes in between instilling any other medication to your eyes after using Vigamox Eye Drop.

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