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We care for our customer and for their safety we receive payments through E-check only. E-check is an electric version of real check. It is then transferred by e-mail and then the transfer must be digitally signed using sender’s private key to validate the transfer. In order to initiate the transaction, a confirmation call needs to be approved by the payer. Such measures are taken for securing transactions as it uses the most up-to-date information protection features.

Turn into e-commerce payment system as it facilitates the acceptance of electronic payment for online transactions. Due to internet based shopping and banking, e-commerce payment system have become increasingly popular. It is also broadly known as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). It may involve certain steps before the transaction is completed but all the steps are for your safety.

Via E-check we ensure your transaction

a)        From fraud companies

b)        From time consuming transactions

c)        From replication of scanned electronic depiction of customer checks.

Benefits of E-check

a)        It reduces the processing cost by up to 60% as the process requires less manpower.

b)        It fastens the whole process as compared to traditional paper check.

c)        It reduces the potential for error and fraud.

d)       It is easy to access and increases the expansion of business as well.

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