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At Getyourorders.com, we only have medications that are approved by the best regulatory authorities like FDA and WHO, the manufacturers we pick our products from are well approved and have state of the art production facilities and we have a set of professionals who assure the quality of the medication. We understand the vitality of medication and the drugs that we have at our disposal stand to all standards and specifications. Our drugs, be it generic or branded exert better therapeutic effects as it’s made from finest chemical components and ingredients. Quality of medicines is our USP and we ensure and reinsure quality for all our products before we deliver it to your doorstep. Just for your own satisfaction, WHO (world health organization) has set a definite standard for medicines which are to be marketed, all our medications before being delivered are put to various methods to be sure of the quality. Our manufacturers do take utmost care of the product.   

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We as an online pharmacy, operate with the aim of delivering a healthier world, we do understand that the biggest odd facing us in realizing our dream is the economic condition of the patient.  It is not enough to ensure the superiority of quality but we also have found to way to reach out to all customers so that they can get benefited from our medications, the only way to do so is by making medicines reach to them at lower rates. Apart from pricing our drugs rationally, we also provide considerable discounts which you will possibly not find elsewhere. Be it a new order or a recurrent one, we try to improve in this regard, all the time. We open with 10% discounts on new products which at times is also increased up to 20% on re-orders. We are confident that given the quality of the product, these discounts are substantial and it is improbable that you will find it elsewhere. 

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